Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday - Week 9

Fit Mommy Friday on Monday Tuesday! I am a little late, but I haven't been on the computer since the 23rd. This was such a busy week that I do not remember at all what exercise I might have done. Thankfully, I wrote it down in my calendar! I did exercise Sunday evening and Tuesday afternoon, but that is all.

Dad got home Wednesday! I did not tell the kids he was coming so they were very surprised when he walked in the door around 5 pm! He left West Texas around 9 am so they would have been on pins and needles all day if they had known. He was off for one week after Thanksgiving, and has been gone since then except for a couple of quick trips home - twice for a few hours and 3 times he was home overnight.

I share that because it definitely affects my exercise and eating habits. When he isn't home, I do not sleep well or enough and often don't eat well or enough either. In addition to that, I had to handle the Christmas shopping as these were not planned trips and our planned shopping 'dates' suffered.

So, even though I did not do much planned exercise, I did take each of the four kids on a individual shopping date which involved quite a bit of walking as well as one shopping day to myself (still more walking). I am within a pound and a half of my challenge goal so hopefully I will see that goal met!

And finally, you will have to excuse my 3 weeks of lack of sleep for the rambling nature of this post!

One more week (and it's half over!) to the end of this Fit Mommy Friday Challenge.

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