Saturday, December 18, 2010

We Used To...

The main road into town from our home is being completely remade. So if I forget to find an alternate route, we sit in line for 15-20 minutes. Since I am usually running late barely on time not super early I try to remember to find another way into town. My favorite alternate route is beautiful with tree edged lanes and few houses. Driving along that road so much lately reminded me of things we used to do.

One of those things was to visit historical sites. Along my favorite route there is a Civil War Prison Camp. Only recently (maybe the last 10 years) has it been developed, so now there is a kiosk with historical information, a small log cabin and a walking path. It is less than 15 miles from my home, but I haven't ever taken the kids to see it.

Driving home from town one day, I just pulled in the parking area and we hopped out. There never seems to be a perfect time to go, but we went anyway. We read the information at the main kiosk and explored the little cabin. We only stayed for about 15 minutes but now I know we will go back and walk the whole trail.

That fifteen minute experience reminded me of how much I and the kids enjoy history in the form of museums, displays, and parks. It reminded the older kids that we haven't visited places like that in a few years. After FRitW was born we did quite a bit of exploring around our state. But by the time MT was born, Dad wasn't traveling for work as much and we began to stay home more. I wasn't quite ready to venture out as much with four children (-two in diapers). But my little guys are growing up. No more diapers and everyone can walk - so look out 2011! Our family will be out and about again!

So what about your family? Have you explored the history near you?


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