Thursday, March 18, 2010

Maggie Dances!

"Ready to go!"

Maggie had her first Irish Step Dance performance yesterday. She was so excited! She has been in an Irish Step Dance class since September and absolutely loves it. Her beginner class got to perform with the Intermediate class at a local nursing home for St. Patrick’s Day.
To the left is Maggie, ready to dance. One of her teachers is at the left in the photo, in the green t-shirt.

The beginners danced the Reel and the Single Jig and the Intermediate did some soft shoe dances as well as hard shoe dances. It was fun to see the older girls dance the Thunder Dance and the St. Patrick Dance.

Below are the beginners performing the Single Jig. Some intermediate girls are standing behind.

Her teachers are a couple of home schooled young ladies who enjoyed Irish Step Dance so much, they continued the class for the other girls when their teacher went off to college.

Maggie dances her way through life now. She step dances through the grocery store, down the hall at home, and outside. She will probably dance through the zoo today. Watch for pictures from that tomorrow!

Below - the beginners and intermediates are performing together. They did such a fabulous job!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Revisiting my Garden

I actually have plants growing in my garden! I was beginning to wonder if anything would sprout this year. I had checked and rechecked the ground, looked back at the calendar to see when I planted, reburied my seed potatoes 3 times but finally, potatoes, snap peas, and lettuce are up!

We have had so much rain lately that the soil keeps washing away. Three times I found the tops of my seed potatoes showing after a rain. I think all of my carrot seeds must have washed away as well, since none of them have sprouted. But a couple of days of sunshine and the plants are growing. First are lots of tiny lettuce plants, to the right are sugar snap peas reaching for the sun,and below are potato plants just poking through the soil.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hard Fought Game

We have a great Dad. He works hard and sometimes long hours, but he always has time to play. Lately Dad and Kirk have been playing a lot of basketball and today was no exception. Kirk had a break from Football Spring Training today so Dad wasn’t home for long before he was challenged to a basketball game.

I was working in the garden, watching the game, when I suddenly realized that as fast as time passes, I may not get too many more chances to watch them play. So, I ran in the house and grabbed my camera. Usually these two are the hardest to get photos of, but they were playing too hard to care that I was snapping pictures!

Dad won this game, but he really had to fight for this win. He plans to enjoy the win now – he guesses it won’t be long before Kirk will beat him every time!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Playing in the Dirt

From the time Kirk was tiny, little metal cars have been a huge part of our lives. Kirk spent hours playing with them – his cars would crash into each other, talk to each other, call for help and rescue each other. He taught Maggie to play and they created elaborate villages, complete with homes, businesses, farms, and lots of roads.

When Fastest Runner in the World was born, Kirk and Maggie were pretty protective over their car towns and didn’t want him to destroy them. Gradually they worked to “train” him and taught him not to walk on the roads or drag his knees through parking lots. Eventually he earned the right to have his own house and business in their towns (instead of way, way out of town).

Then came Monster Truck. They balked at allowing him to join in, “Mom, he’ll wreck our houses and crawl on all of the roads!” Even Fastest Runner joined in the complaints. I had to remind them that he must be trained, just like Fastest Runner was. “If he doesn’t start early, it will be harder to teach him,” I said.

Today, FRitW and MT built their first town. They used the trusty “road maker” created by Kirk and built roads, a mountain, desert, South Dakota, and houses. They built it all over the part of the garden yet to be planted. Kirk made sure I saw their creation. I stood and watched them for a while, listening to conversations so similar to ones I listened to ten years ago when Kirk and Maggie were this age.

What a beautiful way to start this week!