Friday, March 26, 2010

More Cards

Maggie and I have been busy! I liked the card I posted yesterday so much that I decided to make it into a set. So this morning Mags and I headed into the craft room and made two more cards to go with it. Here they are:

First a blue one. All the cards today came from the same Anna Griffin Paper Stack. Maggie did the pink inking on the piece with the butterfly and flower and the jewels on the card.

This one is so pretty in person - the background paper is flocked so the floral print is soft and fuzzy! Again Maggie did the inking and the jewels. She is getting really good at the inking! (She also chose the paper)

Here are the three cards together. We haven't decided if this is the final set or if we will add another card or two.

We made another card from this paper stack, but it just didn't match this set. Here it is:

Maybe this will be the start of another set of cards! We are thinking Mother's Day gifts.
Maggie and I are also working on gifts for Mimi, Princess Daphne, and Princess Pumpkinhead! Maybe we will give a sneak peek of those later this week...
Tomorrow morning we will be at the quilt show!!!!! I will try to post some pictures from that tomorrow night.
I also have some more pictures of my garden - are y'all tired of seeing my fledgling garden yet??? RKW - I even have pictures of the beginnings of your salsa!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Card Challenge!

I decided to try a card challenge from Tuesday Morning Sketches. This is for challenge #38:

Here is my version of the above sketch:

I used paper from the Anna Griffin Carolina Collection and embossed stickers by K&Company.
I had a great time playing with this sketch. My sister "critiqued" me as I went and I am very happy with the final result! Thanks Jill! The picture really doesn't show all of the texture - the trellis is textured and I "popped" the embossed flower and butterfly.
Now, to decide who gets this card...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gingerbread and Lollipops, oh my!

 Maggie and I attended the State Houseparty for Girls Missionary Auxillary last weekend. The theme was “Sweet Jesus” and the decorations were based on the game, Candy Land. We played games, sang songs, and heard from two wonderful speakers. (Maggie posing in the "Lollipop Forest" >>>) 

Each church created a game board based on the theme and each county represented submitted a gingerbread house. My fellow counselor, Teri, and I were in charge of the creation of the gameboard and design of the gingerbread house. We had a great time coming up with a game that our girls can actually play to help them review what they learn. Our game had a Cupcake Cove, Ice Cream Island, and other sweet places!

The girls worked hard putting the gingerbread house together and making the game. They added so many of their own creative touches, including a mailbox and bird bath for the house. The girls made yellow fondant "stones" for the pathway and pink fondant "stones" to tile the entrance. They made the trees and bushes from ice cream cones, marshmallows, frosting, colored coconut and green sugar. Their hard work (and ours!) paid off– both projects earned first place at Houseparty!

We played crazy games and the girls got lots of candy! Below is some of our group playing a group hug game. The state president called out a number and we had to get in a group of that many girls. She called out everything from 2 to 27! It got pretty wild with girls running all over the building trying to find groups so they could stay in the game. In this picture the girls are in front of the "Ice Cream Sea".

Monday, March 22, 2010

A Birthday Card

I took time to make Mimi a birthday card today. I really wanted to make a card that was cheerful and had spring colors. I came up with this:

I used the George and Basic Shapes Cricut cartridge and cut a sun shape and a flower to make the daffodil. I put a bead and some copper glitter in the center of the flower. The card is yellow with blue and green panels. I had a little trouble with the stamping since I did it as an afterthought, but I think, overall, the card is pretty and the colors cheerful!
Happy Birthday Mimi!

Not the Zoo... part 2

The Fort Worth Water Gardens were interesting. Being from the country, it was hard to see the "garden" when there was so much concrete! Before we found the signs stating, "no climbing allowed" the kids climbed! The whole structure almost asks you to climb it.

Maggie climbed the side of this fountain and immediately the younger kids followed. MT was at the top before anyone even realized he had begun the climb!

Maggie jumping off a step >
Next, we found a pool sunk deep into the ground. The entire wall was a waterfall. Here we are at the top of the wall - everyone had to put their hands in the water! You can see that the wall is as tall as the tree trunks.
MT loved hiding behind this sign.
Next stop was the active pool. At first I wasn't too sure about walking the little kids down to the bottom. The water was rushing all around the stones that acted as steps. With Dad leading the way, we headed to the bottom. It was fascinating, but a little frightening!
At the bottom, the water rushed between the stones that made the pathway.

Headed back up! The walkway was a series of stone tables - some narrow and some wider. If someone needed to pass you, you had to back up or go forward until there was a wide area. On the top edge of each table the water was just inches from the stone.
Before returning to the train station, we stopped at one final fountain and tried to take pictures of the kids. That just didn't go too well...

...first, they couldn't remember where the camera was..., Princess Pumpkinhead splashed ME!..., WHO splashed the Princess???

In the end, we got this.  Kirk tries to avoid pictures, but we finally got one! (and a pretty good one, too!) Maybe next time, we can get the other kids... Maybe.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Not The Zoo... (part 1)

About the zoo pictures I mentioned in my last post…well, there aren’t any. We drove to the zoo and found families were parking on the streets outside the zoo gates and walking to the zoo. It had taken an extra hour to reach the zoo because of traffic – there were even police officers directing traffic at the exits and intersections on the way to the zoo. Too many people and tired kids just don't mix!

We decided that Thursday was not the day to go to the Fort Worth Zoo, so, we rode the DART train for a few hours. It was fun for all of the kids and not too bad for the parents! We got off at the downtown Fort Worth stop and toured the Water Gardens then hopped back on and headed home.
                                          (Yes, MT loved the train >>>)

We did have “the race” between Fastest Runner in the World and Princess Pumpkinhead! Even Monster Truck joined in. Both FRitW and the Princess claimed wins and the photo of the finish really didn’t help us decide, so… enjoy these pictures and make your own call!

The Race

Ready,   Set,  GO!!! 


"I win!" "I win!" (Two voices in unison!)

We also played Red Light, Green Light to pass time waiting for the train:
On our walk to the Water Gardens we passed real Skyscrapers - FRitW wasn't as impressed as I thought he'd be, but I photographed them anyway...

Some of us got tired on the way to the water gardens:

To be continued....