Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Traveling the World!

The Junior College near us hosted International Day Tuesday. Maggie’s Irish Step Dance group was invited to perform and Maggie has been so excited, waiting for the day to arrive! She danced at 9am and again in the afternoon. I should have checked the settings on my camera, because most of my photos were blurry from the movement of the dancers. So, here are a few of the least blurry shots.

We met some friends there, and after Mags danced, everyone spent time going through all of the booths. Each child received a passport and most of the booths had a stamp representing their country. MT kept saying, “We need to go there!” and FRitW was so excited to have traveled the world today! We got to see wood carvings in Palestine, mountains in Switzerland, clothing from Thailand, eat Lucky Charms in Ireland (I doubt the authenticity of that one!), have our names written in a Middle Eastern Calligraphy, and learn a few American Sign Language signs. We even got to meet the grandson of a Navajo Code Talker and touch a Thomas Jefferson Peace Medal.

Here the boys are modeling sombreros at the Mexico booth.

I think they were eating tootsie rolls from the Black History Booth.

Kirk decided to have his name written in Middle Eastern Calligraphy on his arm. Who needs a name tag???

We had a very fun day!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Photo Session

Sunday evening, I decided to try to get some photos of all four kids together. This is not an easy task and the timing probably wasn’t the best, but I needed a photo before Monday and I wasn’t happy with anything I had previously taken. Everybody agreed, although FRitW somewhat reluctantly, to pose and Kirk picked a place and got everyone set up and here is what I got:

You can see that FRitW is still not wanting to be in this shot, but you might also notice MT’s lovely headgear. Yes, that is a pair of denim shorts. For some reason, after dinner, FRitW ran into the kitchen with a pair of pajama pants on his head, so of course, MT had to copy him and raced out to their room to get some pants for his head. However, MT would NOT remove his “hat” and became quite, shall we say, adamant about it.

Here MT was trying to see the picture on my camera, while I was taking it.

However, maybe partially due to the entertaining headgear and his refusal to remove his hat, pretty soon everyone was in a fabulous mood, laughing and trying different poses. We ended up having to take photos in almost every room of the house It was a lot of fun and we made some memories!