Friday, May 14, 2010

Who Needs a Pool?

My mom says that talking on the phone with me can be quite entertaining. Not because I am a witty conversationalist, but because I often interupt myself with directions to my children. A conversation might go something like this, "Tomorrow I need to go to town,- please do not throw eggs to your sister! - do you want to go with me?" (Not a real-life situation - just an example)

It really isn't my fault, my children just do the funniest things. (I can already hear the kids correcting me - OK it is my fault, just because someone else does something, that does not cause my response - I choose my own response) Today, for example, I was outside weeding the garden while the little guys played in a mud hole. They crawled and splashed and pretended to be dogs and cats racing in the mud. But periodically, they would stop and MT would say, "Wait, I need to wash my hands!" FRitW would jump right in and wash his hands too.

Here is a photo of the two of them 'washing' their hands.  --->

Ummm...what exactly are they trying to remove? The cleanliness?   They were doing a great job!

FRitW can be very literal - once Kirk told him, "You cannot run in flip-flops because it will hurt your ankles and they will fall off." FRitW's response, "Your ankles???"  No, your ankles will not fall off if you run in flip-flops!

MT just cracks all of us up! At the end of Mimi's graduation, when everyone stood to watch the graduates walk out, MT climbed up on the pew and put his arms around my brother and his wife - it was so funny!

He spent most of the graduation cheering for Mimi and the other graduates:

The older kids often remark that they cannot imagine life without these two boys. They definitely light up our lives!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Peas and Potatoes

Sunday afternoon I spent some time picking sugar snap peas in our garden. I picked enough to add to a salad or use in a stir fry! I cannot believe how well our garden is doing. This was my second picking of sugar snaps and there are several more almost ready! We have also eaten two heads of lettuce out of the garden.

After picking the peas, I decided to just see how my potatoes were doing. I reached under a plant and felt a hard round object - an actual potato!!!!! We have three types of potatoes and all three have produced potatoes to eat. We dug up some of the larger ones (and in the excitement, several tiny ones!) and carefully covered the roots back up so the plants can continue to produce potatoes for our dinner table.

Potatoes can be very hard to grow in this area and I was advised by several nurserymen to not even try! I love beating the odds!

We spent a little more time defeating potato bugs with a pan of soapy water and pulling weeds. We have baby squash, peppers, and blooms on the pumpkin plants! Soon I won't have to buy any produce at the store!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Sunday morning I found this huge dragonfly in our driveway.I thought it was dead so, I tried to scoop it up in a box so we could study it a bit, but it was very much alive and scared me when it tried to fly! (Yes, I screamed and jumped - which Kirk found funny!). Dad came out and managed to very gently scoop him up into a bowl and covered it so I could take it in to show FRitW and MT.

Then they got out of the bath so they could watch me release him. He took off and flew up over the roof of our house then off toward the trees! I really thought he was dead or dying, but apparently he was just resting with his legs tucked up under him. We usually have lots of dragonflies during the summer, but I have never seen one quite this big - it was more than 4 inches long with at least a 5 inch wing span!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Congratulations Mimi!

Friday night, my Mom walked the stage as a magna cum laude college graduate! Her last class, Astronomy, almost destroyed that GPA, but she really worked hard and ended up getting a “B” in that class! She was one of the very few students who did well - the average grade made by the students in her class was a ‘D’ – it was a tough class.

I am very proud of her for not only finishing her degree, but also for keeping her GPA above 3.6 throughout her schooling. She now plans to go on to bigger and better things – being a great Mimi to a bunch of kids, being a great mom and sister to a few more of us, and helping Papa run his business - ok, so maybe the same things, but now she has a diploma to hang on her craft room wall!

The thing that surprised her classmates the most was that she did this for fun. She took all of the college classes because she enjoys learning, but, as she registered one year, she found out that she had almost enough credits to graduate, so she took a few more and did! And, just ‘playing’ at college she still maintained that GPA!

Mimi, I am so proud of you!