Monday, May 24, 2010

Too Quiet Around Here

As loud as our house is, you might think I would enjoy some quiet. But no, not when I know that there are 4 kids in our small house and I cannot hear a single one of them. I get nervous. So when it got quiet this morning, I went in search of my little guys first. Those two boys are absolutely never quiet, not even when asleep!

The living room was quiet, my room, office area, hallways - all quiet. After checking their room, I quietly opened Maggie's door and found this...

well, not exactly this. They were all cuddled together and Maggie was reading Little House in the Big Woods aloud to them. It was so cute, I had to get my camera and once the camera was present, the little boys couldn't concentrate on the book because they were "smiling" for the camera. See?

Here is MT's "Buster"

and FRitW's "Blackie Jr." or "Fireflame" (depending on the day.)

Anyway, you'll just have to imagine the sweet scene I came across! I put the camera away and let her finish reading the chapter to them.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mother's Day Cards

I'm sharing some more crafting today. Two days in a row might be a bit much, but I haven't had a crafty post in quite a while!

Here are some of the Mother's Day cards I sent out this year. I really tried to make each one match the Mom it went to:

First, my Mother-in-Law: This one I made at a card class and I love the beautiful red-violet color of the letters and sentiment! It has an unusual fold so some of the inside shows from the front.

This one is for my sister-in-law. I thought the black and white background paper was classy, but still fun! The brown part of the card was just white cardstock, but I used a sponge and some brown ink to give it an aged, marbled look. I really love the effect I ended up with. The stamps for the message were a little fun and funky, finishing off my classy/sassy look!

This card is for my husband's grandmother. She enjoyed the Valentine gift that Maggie and I made and mailed to her and I thought she might enjoy a colorful, floral card for Mother's Day!  I particularly love the sentiment on the front!

My sister received this one. It is just bright, colorful, and fun with a bit of sparkle.

I don't have good pictures of the ones I made my mom, or the one Maggie made for her, but here are MT's and FRitW's for Mimi:

MT's card was two sided and when he explained his card to Mimi his explanation had lots of motor sounds and car crashes. That is pretty normal for him.

FRitW's card was a picture of Mimi and a chicken. He also wrapped it in some very colorful Christmas paper all by himself!

I hope each of you enjoyed your cards!