Thursday, June 3, 2010

Video by Riley Grace!

I am trying something new today! My niece, Riley Grace, created this video for me and I finally learned how to post a video to my blog - so here we go!

    ******* No Kirks were harmed in the filming of this video*********
*******(well, not seriously harmed anyway!) *******


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Garden Update!

Our garden is really starting to produce. This evening we found our first tiny watermelon!

There are pumpkins, bell peppers, and tomatoes growing and we have eaten the first few zucchini and crookneck squash.

Leaf lettuce is abundant and the green bean plants have blooms. The first planting of corn and the sunflowers are about 4 feet tall.

I have picked several hot peppers and am freezing them until the tomatoes are ready to make into salsa. I promised my brother homemade salsa by the 4th of July, so those tomatoes are right on schedule!

While taking these photos I also found a cantaloupe! The kids are so ready for those melons to ripen!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What We Do for Fun!

Beautiful weather - 3 day weekend - what would you do? We headed over to Papa and Mimi's house because they had a work day. My brother, Rich, came over to build them a new porch, so Kirk and Maggie headed up to help and visit.

Kirk talked Papa and Uncle Rich into letting him do this:

He dug holes to plant several trees and leveled two dirt piles.

They said he is a natural. Of course Dad started him out young, like he is these guys:

Each boy got to dig a hole and fill it back in. They worked hard!

Dad really let the little boys steer. That was a bit scary because my zoom wouldn't work and I had to get pretty close to take these pictures. I could hear Dad saying, "Turn it harder to the left, more to the left." I was just hoping FRitW knew which way left was! Maggie got a chance to drive too, but I was inside visiting and missed it!
A few quick trips through the sprinkler helped them cool off!

Hmmm... Now that I think about it, he taught me to drive a tractor too.


Monday, May 31, 2010

Old Fashioned Sunday "Social"

As a homeschool mom, I hear a lot about the importance of socialization for my children. Today they were more concerned about socializing with Mimi's chickens, but a good homeschool mom can turn anything into a lesson - right?

Here are a few things they learned about friendship:

Lesson 1: Open your beak, and speak clearly.

Lesson 2: Politely wait your turn and do not push.

Lesson 3: The best way to make friends is to be friendly.

Lesson 4: A hug always makes a friend feel better.

Lesson 5: Don't interrupt someone else's conversation.

Lesson 6: Be a good listener.

 Lesson 7: Be yourself! You don't have to be just like everyone else.

Lesson 8: When one of your friends (Cocoa the dog) dislikes another friend (Roosty the chicken) you can still be friends with both. Just keep them separate!!!!

There will be a test on this Friday!!!