Thursday, July 1, 2010

Not Another Vacation Post????

I am sure you have heard remarks about people who show slide shows of their vacations to everyone whether they want to see them or not, and by this time you are starting to wonder if I am one of those people.

Yes I am.

So today, once again, you get to spend a few moments hearing about our vacation!  Last week we spent a couple of days at a cabin in Bastrop State Park. The cabin was built in 1935 by the CCC and Maggie was completely fascinated with that.

We did a little fishing

A little flying (if you want an explanation for this you probably don't know our family)

Some running in circles

Walked a trail or two . Dad called one the Trail of Tears - but it wasn’t that bad, just a couple of wrong turns that added a mile and 105 degree temps with 89% humidity. In hindsight, from my air conditioned home, it really wasn’t bad at all! (This picture is not from the ‘trail of tears’  - we wisely did not take any from that trail!)

We rode a train and ate popsicles. We were very thankful for the raindrops that fell during this train ride – so cooling!

We toured our State Capitol , posed with a few schoolchildren

Watched the bats fly from under the Congress Avenue Bridge

And fed the squirrels (there really were more than just this one!)

We ended our trip with a visit to Dad’s Grandma. It was nice to get to sit with her and enjoy the birds outside her window and the photo albums she shared.


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spending the Night

MT had a big first last week. He got to spend the night with Kirk! Now this is a pretty big honor in our house. FRitW has spent the night with either Kirk or Maggie a few times, but MT’s few tries have ended in failure. The rule is if you don’t go to sleep, you go back to your own bed. But this time, MT and FRitW spent the night with Kirk and slept all night!

I realized it was a momentous occasion then next morning and quickly got out the camera, before they were too awake. Or so I thought…



Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Thumb is Getting Greener

I have never been able to keep houseplants alive. I married a farmer and he wasn't much help in the houseplant area either. I've overwatered, underwatered, forgot they existed - basically killed every plant brought into my home, until about 3 1/2 years ago. For some reason I suddenly developed a green thumb. Granted, it is a light green thumb, not a good dark healthy green thumb. But I haven't killed a houseplant in 3 1/2 years!

I think it is because I have had my own flowerbeds for just over 5 years and evidently I just needed some practice. This year we cleaned out the front flowerbeds and transplanted the lantana (who knew those things would be 8 ft tall and multiply?) and some bulbs. Once the beds were clean I got brave and planted flower seed instead of plants from the nursery. I put in a mixture of chamomile, pansy (too late in the year unfortunately), dwarf sunflowers, and four o-clocks.

The last time I was at my in-laws home my Mother-in-law, Wanda, and I picked up seeds from her four o'clocks. She has lots of yellow ones and just a few pink ones. I love the pink ones, so we carefully removed seeds from the pink flowers and kept them separate from the mixed seed. Then, following Wanda's advice, I just threw the seed out on my beds and I have flowers! They are growing beautifully, but it is just too hot at 4 o'clock for them to open fully, so until it cools off, I have these lovely buds. Fireflame seems happy with the shade they provide. Seriously, that is his happy face...   I think...   just in case, I'll step back and let him continue his morning nap.

So Wanda, doesn't this look better than my peanut "crop" last year? I am going to try those again - one of these days!


Monday, June 28, 2010

Mmmmm... Blueberries

We came home from vacation to find freshly picked blueberries in the fridge! My sister and her daughters picked blueberries at a friend's home and shared some with us.

We debated the best way to enjoy these berries and Dad came up with the winner!

Homemade Blueberry Ice Cream!

What a perfect way to end a vacation!