Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Spring in Summer

Sometimes a little thing creates a big memory.

Monday on our way home from the cemetery, I saw a roadside park with a spring. Immediately I thought of a little spring we sometimes stopped at when I was a child. I remembered how amazed I always was at water coming out of a rock. It was cold and such a special treat to get a drink of spring water. We might have only done it once or twice, but it was a big memory for me and I wanted my children to get a similar experience.

So, we stopped. This spring had a well type resevoir to catch the spring water and a pipe for anyone to use to fill a water bottle for a drink. The kids enjoyed climbing the stairways and jumping back over the little spring creek. The water was so cold!

Maybe 20 years from now, one of my children will stop at a roadside spring, just to share this memory with their children.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Family History

During our vacation we visited with Dad's Grandma. While at her home, she mentioned that she grew up near our home. Her son, Uncle Jackie, went on to tell us about a cemetery about an hour from our home where her grandparents are buried.

As a child, my brothers and sister and I loved to explore old graveyards and look at the intricate headstones and interesting inscriptions on them, so I had to see this cemetery. Monday, July 5th was the perfect day for a country drive and a little family history lesson, so after some internet research, off we went!

We found the cemetery and markers of her grandparents and uncles and aunts. Many of the graves are so old they are not marked except with a rock at the head and foot. Some of the marked graves appear to have stones made in the last few decades.

This stone represents the first burial in this cemetery. The man died while traveling through the area and had nothing on his person to identify him. The stone was obviously placed later.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Maggie is so creative! This morning she insisted Dad and I stay in bed until she had these ready for breakfast:

They are homemade cinnamon rolls. But not just any old cinnamon rolls - these are patriotic cinnamon rolls!! She and FRitW and MT worked together to make red, white, and blue cinnamon rolls. They were pretty and delicious!

Happy 4th of July !!!!