Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2010 Gratitude Challenge - Day 10

I'm sorry to have missed the last 4 days of Gratitude posts - life has been very busy and I have not seen much of my computer! So here is my Day 10 post.
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I am thankful for industrious children. Our children are always building and creating. They also help with chores – sometimes even willingly and cheerfully. ~smile~

The little guys were pretty excited to be a part of building the patio!

Today I had to be gone for about two hours and came home to find that Kirk had recruited the other three to finish the patio he designed. While they worked they also formed a small patio in front of the door to the house.

They didn’t do this all in one day, in fact this has been in the works for several months. The work has been on a hiatus due to a busy fall schedule. The kids did almost all of the digging, planning, and arranging, with only a little help from Dad. 

Digging and tamping down the soil for a solid base.

I love watching our children work and play together and am so thankful for the lessons they are learning that will serve them well throughout life.

FRitW & MT drove the excess dirt away in their Tonkas!