Saturday, January 8, 2011

Egg Drop Science Kit

I may have mentioned before that FRitW loves any kind of science. If school were just science experiments, he would be perfectly happy. So when he received an Ein-O Egg Drop Science kit  for Christmas - he couldn't wait to try it out. 

This is the first time I had seen this particular brand of science kit, and I really liked it as well. Every single thing needed for all four experiments was included, with the exception of a raw egg (Hmm..wonder why they left that out?). FritW enlisted Kirk to help him with the experiments and they managed to break only one egg! The experiments worked just as they were supposed to and were simple to prepare, but fun.

Thanks Aunt Debbie!


All American x5 said...

Oh how cool!

You should build on that a bit more and see if they can come up with their own containers for the eggs to test out.

My boys would love that!

Deb said...

mmmmmmm...scrambled eggs!