Friday, January 7, 2011

Fit Mommy Friday 2011 - Week 1


The 10 week Fit Mommy Friday Challenge is over, but FMF is still going. Fit Mommy Fridays was begun in 2010 by Mrs. White of The Legacy of Home and Denise of Got Chai as a way to encourage moms to get fit and healthy and to provide a place of accountability. The FMF 10 week challenge helped me tremendously and I do not intend to loose the momentum, so I will be joining FMF each Friday this year to share what I am doing to be a more fit mom.

So - Week 1:
Friday: lots of cleaning/undecorating
Saturday - lots of cleaning and 1 hr Wii Fit Plus time
Sunday - Rest
Monday - School, school, school
Tuesday - 1 hr exercise with trainer
Wednesday - 1 hr Wii
Thursday - 1 hr. Wii

I am feeling more motivation to workout since I have more energy! Join Fit Mommy Fridays - it is just a simple thing and a great way to be accountable to someone. The link up is at the Got Chai blog - click here for Week 1. Also in the Week 1 post is a little interview with the 10 Week Challenge Winner !! - and as a special bonus, a guest post with great tips about setting and achieving your fitness goals.



momma24 said...

Week 1 of a great year ahead! Yay us for doing this together!! Yay you for being motivated and m.o.v.i.n.g!

SisterTipster said...

Congrats on your workouts~We are so blessed to be working on a NEW BEGINNING in this New Year! Keep up the wonderful work, Lorus~HUGS!!