Friday, January 21, 2011

Fit Mommy Friday 2011 - Week 3

I feel good about my fitness this week. Here is my report:

Friday - 45 min. Wii

Saturday - 30 min Wii, 15 min. kettle bell exercises

Sunday - 1 hr. Wii

Monday - 15 min Wii

Tuesday - 1 hr with personal trainer plus 2 mile walk

Wednesday - recovery day!

Thursday - 2 mile walk

I mentioned last week that I would be working on setting goals to reach. I did spend a lot of this week focusing on goals in several areas of my life. My current fitness goals are:

  1. Continue 4 days per week of exercise, gradually increasing the intensity of my home exercise time. Right now I am using Wii Fit Plus to exercise at home. I do a combination of 'bike riding', jogging in place, and strength exercises. I added a short session with a kettle bell this week. I really enjoy the variety available on Wii Fit Plus, but I am considering some other exercise related Wii games and am also trying to use weights on my own to exercise.
  2. Increase my water intake. I have a hard time drinking water in the winter, much preferring hot drinks like coffee or honey sweetened herbal tea. I'm noticing though that I have more energy and immunity if I am well hydrated.
  3. Eat more raw vegetables. This can be difficult in the winter too, but we will be beginning our garden in the next couple of weeks and I will be able to harvest lettuce and peas by late February or early March. In the meantime I will live with whatever looks relatively fresh at the grocery store.

We have a busy week ahead and I will have to really work to get my exercise in!

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lexi @ pink and orange coffee said...

You had a GREAT week! I agree it is hard to get water and fresh veggies in during the winter, but at least you are aware and trying!

Briana said...

Nice goals and good job on the exercise!