Thursday, January 13, 2011

Growing Bacteria, Part One

Today is day one in my little three part series on growing bacteria! I simply have too many pictures to make this a one post activity!

We ordered sterile petri dishes, liquid nutrient agar, and sterile swabs from (Definitely bookmark worthy, by the way!).

The gloves were more for effect - they aren't sterile - but don't they look scientific?
 It doesn't take much to make me happy and I guess my excitement was contagious - so we threw the agar in the microwave, heated it through and made 8 petri dishes right away. Then we had to wait an HOUR for them to solidify!

The potholder is not for effect - that bottle was hot!
 You however, have to wait a day or two to see what we did with them...


1. Liquid Nutrient Agar is well worth purchasing. Although slightly more expensive - it is already sterile and only requires heat to liquefy. Powdered Nutrient Agar requires addition of distilled water and boiling to sterilize.

2. Open the petri dish as little as possible when pouring the agar in to avoid contamination.


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