Saturday, January 15, 2011

Growing Bacteria, Part Two

Once the Agar was solid, the search for bacteria began! I let the kids choose what we swabbed and actually let them do the swabbing. This probably means that we had some cross contamination and certainly would not work in an actual lab, but seriously, this was for fun. I wanted them to have an enjoyable experience, not a perfect science experiment.

We swabbed Maggie's mouth and then our cat, Fireflame's mouth. Everyone (except Fireflame) thought it would be fun to compare the bacteria growth. Then we moved on to the plate in the microwave,

The laptop mouse pad and keyboard:

A door knob:

 the TV remote.

We labeled each dish, taped them shut and put them on top of the fireplace to grow.

What did we grow? Find out in Part 3… coming soon to a blog post near you.


1. Don't press too hard on the agar when rubbing it with the swab. The agar will tear. However, the culture will still grow.

2. Too warm is not a good idea. We had our dishes too close to a heat source and the agar melted. Again, the culture still grew, so all turned out ok.



lexi @ pink and orange coffee said...

I am sure neither of my cats would be happy participants either. I can't wait for part 3!!!

jlsgrant said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with! I bought some agar and pitri dishes awhile ago, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Looking forward to the photos...You have inspired me...must grow some bacteria!! :)