Sunday, January 2, 2011

Our New Year's Eve

We always spend New Year's Eve cleaning. I don't really know why, but for as many years as I can recall right now, this is what our family does. This year was no different. We began by undecorating the Christmas tree. Since it is Kirk's and FRitW's job to put the star on each year, Maggie and MT get to remove the star.

After the inside decorations were packed and put in the attic we tackled the lights Dad and Kirk put up this year.

FRitW wanted to be up on the roof with Dad. He was so cute perched at the peak while Dad removed lights.

Headed back to the ground!
Later we spent an hour or so sorting through clothes and toys, discarding outgrown clothes and broken toys.

We invited Papa and Mimi to come over and play some games while we waited for midnight. Maggie made a banana pudding to serve for dessert. It was so delicious! She made the pudding part by herself and it was perfect! She separated all of the eggs nicely so the meringue was perfect too. She and Kirk worked together to get it layered, then she did the meringue.

A meal of homemade tacos, banana pudding for dessert, a few games of Skip-Bo, In a Pickle, and Wildcraft, even a little Wii time, then it was midnight and we went to BED! It was a quite enjoyable New Year's Eve.

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Deb said...

You guys made it longer than we did! Both of us were out shortly after the ball dropped in NYC. But the pumpkinhead thought that was pretty cool anyway.