Friday, February 25, 2011

Fit Mommy Friday, Weeks 6,7, and 8, 2011

If you want to hear excuses - you have come to the right place! ~smile~ Actually, I did ok for Weeks 6 and 8 and purposely took Week 7 off because my muscles were in desperate need of a break. I am changing my goals a little, because current events suggest some tweaking is necessary.

Changes in Dad's job mean that my sleep is being interrupted more frequently, and his absence some nights means I am not going to bed at a reasonable time. I could go to bed on time, but I just don't. So one new goal is to go to bed each night when I need to so I can get enough sleep.

My second goal is to maintain the 3 regular workouts I have had since last July. Until I catch up on the lost sleep of the last 3 months, I've decided to maintain and not increase those workouts for now.

Goal number three is to increase veggie intake, but cooked veggies count! I was trying to increase the raw veggie intake, but right now I'll count any veggies!



Debbie said...

We all have weeks when things change in our lives and goals don't get accomplished like we want. Sounds like you have some good goals for next week. I hope you have a great week this coming week. I also need to get to bed earlier.. tonight would be good.

Annie Kate said...

Of course cooked veggies count! You just enjoy them any old way you can. I've been drinking V8 rather than eating raw veggies, and it's OK, although not great.

You're so wise to maintain now, when you're tired, rather than trying to increase your exercise.

Blessings, and enjoy all your veggies. LOL

Annie Kate

SisterTipster said...

Good to see you and HOPE all continues on the up swing~Go girl! You are making great changes! HUGS!!

Jen said...

Life happens and things get crazy. The important thing is to not beat yourself up about it and move on.

This is my first time with Fit Mommy Frida.