Tuesday, March 8, 2011

And So We Made Pie...

Most of my childhood kitchen memories surround this book:

Actually, not the book in the photo, but a much more used book - otherwise exactly like the one in the photo. My mom (Mimi)  bought the 1961 version of the Betty Crocker's New Picture Cookbook in 1966. She was a newlywed and could only cook meals that required opening a package. She decided to teach herself to cook and this book was an amazing choice for a new cook. By the time my sister and brother and I came along, she was a quite accomplished in the kitchen. Growing up, packaged foods were almost non-existent in our home.

All three of us kids learned to cook from Mimi and this recipe book. In fact, her original cookbook is barely holding together. Well used recipe pages are obvious by their worn, stained, written on, state. When Jill, Rich, and I moved out to begin lives with our spouses, Mom had phone call after phone call: "Can you read me the recipe for Prize Coffee Cake?" "How did Papa make dumplings for Chicken and Dumplings?" "I promised to bring my coworkers some Chocolate Drop Quickies - what's the recipe?"

It only took a few years of this before Mimi gave in and created a cookbook for each of us. The 1961 Cookbook was no longer in print and absolutely impossible to find so she typed up recipes that were important to us and she and Papa designed dividers with Bible verses and funny quotes to add to our new cookbooks. Christmas that year was the BEST ever!

Each of us received, not just a cookbook, but a book full of memories, comfort food recipes, and a tool to use to share our memories with our spouses and children. Silly as it may sound, I still count that cookbook among my favorite gifts EVER! I use that cook book every single day. My children have learned to cook from its pages and in turn ours has grown into a worn, well-used, written in treasure.

Occasionally, I still call Mimi for a recipe, because she didn't include every recipe from the Betty Crocker Cookbook in our Family Cookbook. She only included our favorites. Recently I realized that e-bay, which was not in existence when Mimi made the Family Cookbooks, might have the original 1961 Cookbook. A search turned up a total of 4 cookbooks - two of them, at more than $100!!, completely out of my price range. I was grateful to find one at a more reasonable price in a ring binder, just like Mimi's. I snatched it up! I cannot imagine owning a cookbook for almost 50 years and having it look like new, but this one does (it is the one in the photo above). It came from a woman's personal collection and she needed to downsize.

Of course, a new cookbook - especially a long sought after one - must be used. Dad started us off. He was in the mood for peach pie(actually I think pie is something he is always be in the mood for!) and wanted to try something new. Out came the new (but old) cookbook. He decided on Peach Skillet Pie.

And so I present to you, Peach Skillet Pie, baked using a recipe book from my childhood and his Grandma's iron skillet:

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Nanette said...

I’m out on enjoying my blog walk and wanted to stop by to say hi and tell you how yummy the pie looks. YUM!! I’m now following you :)
Hope you have an amazing day!!
~ Nanette

Deb said...

Which country is this pastry shaped like????

Our Homeschool Reviews said...

Oh that looks really good!

Briana said...

Mmm, peach pie. I haven't had that in the longest time. I'll have to try baking my next pie in a cast iron skillet instead of the glass baking dish.