Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Boy and His Toad

Today was a beautiful day with warm breezes and lots of sunshine, so when FRitW asked if they could play in the 'Place for Boats' (as he asks each day) Dad and I finally said "Yes." In no time, MT and FRitW were dressed in their swim clothes and had the hose wide open filling the mud hole.

They had only been playing about 15 minutes before FRitW discovered a toad sharing the mud hole. Obviously spring is on its way! He has been waiting for the first toad for months and this mud hole has provided a plethora of toads over the years.

But this toad is special. He had the privilege of driving a motor boat. Not all toads get to be subjected to um, 'experience' a special moment like this. He seemed to enjoy being in the driver's seat much more than the bait compartment - which was where he rode at first (until Dad found out and suggested that the toad might need a bit more freedom).

Toad had a lovely day, but after 30 minutes or so of boating fun, Kirk took him to the backyard for a little peace and quiet.

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Jacob14 said...

Hope you had a good weekend.
I like the pictures

Pebblekeeper ~ Angie said...

Oh Toad the Boat Captain - What joyful days! Thanks for sharing!

Susan said...

So cute!

Guiding Light said...

HA! Love this! Reminds me of my boys, for sure! Blessings to you! (And thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.)

Lisa said...

Love these pictures! So cute!