Monday, March 14, 2011

Dad's Little Helper

Do you have a growing boy in your home? We do - actually, we have three of them, but one is significantly bigger than the others. In fact Kirk is now significantly taller and stronger than I am and sometimes his brain does not quite understand his new strength. This was the case one night recently when he turned off the cold water in the bathroom sink. The handle literally snapped off in his hand! (We've also lost the garlic press and an ice cream scoop to those hands... sigh.)

Thankfully, FRitW and Dad were there to save the day! FRitW received some tools for Christmas (thank you Papa & Mimi - they are frequently used!) and is always looking for an opportunity to use them. FRitW helped Dad get the sink out and Dad was surprised to find that his little helper actually had the strength to remove the fixtures. They worked together to remove and replace the faucet and handles.

Dad does not remember a time of not having a helper. But there have definitely been many times when the term 'helper' was, well, an honorary term. Many times over the years, hinderer would have been more appropriate! However, the time spent with his children is much more precious than perfection or the time saved by doing a job alone - and these children are learning valuable skills.

I've got to go now - Kirk needs to show me his plans for a new porch. Hmmm... wonder if that can count as a Woodworking credit?



Briana said...

What a wonderful father! My husband is the same way.

Thanks for your tip on using geranium as a pest detterant in the garden!

Heather said...

There's no better way for boys to learn to be men than to help their fathers serve their families. What a blessing!