Friday, March 18, 2011

A New Porch

We firmly believe that children should learn to work. Maybe that is because both my husband and I worked as children. We each learned many valuable lessons from the chores and jobs that were required of us, and find that we are better adults as a result.

Sometimes our children do the work cheerfully, sometimes not – but they know how to do many household, yard, and home maintenance chores. In the course of life, our children have been a part of a huge building project - helping build our home from the ground up. They have been comfortable using real tools from a very young age. We’ve discovered that they find a source of pride in building something from scratch, especially if given free rein in the design and building of that project.

Particularly, we’ve noticed that Kirk enjoys instigating building projects, and is a master at including his siblings in such a way that they almost beg to be a part of his projects. His most recent project began on a Tuesday morning. The Saturday afternoon before, Kirk, with just a little help from Dad, had installed a storm door. The new door opened in such a way that the little boys couldn’t reach it from the front steps.

This was such a heavy load. At the store, I tried moving the cart a bit so I could get to the check-out counter and ugh! I could not move it an inch!!! (& I'm no wimp!)  

“Mom, we really need a front porch and I’ve been thinking…”  
That is the way many projects begin around here. He had a plan figured out. Once he had everything drawn, planned, listed, and measured, we headed to the home improvement store. I happily browsed the garden area and looked at bathtub ideas for our next bathroom project, while Kirk shopped and loaded up the necessary supplies for his porch. When he had the supplies gathered, I appeared to pay for the supplies, then disappeared to allow him to load his pickup and tie everything down.

Sometimes, as Moms, we forget that our young men are just that. I am really making an effort to trust his plans and allow him to handle all of the details. It will not be long before he will have to lead his own family in decisions and I’d like for him to have had some practice. So, I reappeared - with some plants and some compost - just in time to catch a ride home!

He unloaded and sorted all of his material and began the building process as soon as we arrived home. I was available for a soundboard and Dad is always just a phone call away. Kirk worked steadily through the afternoon, even with the light rain falling. I snapped a photo here and there and Maggie, FRitW, and MT helped as needed.

I just think MT is so cute wearing one of Kirk's shirts. He an FRitW think they are getting almost as big as Kirk because his shirts only come to their knees!! :) (What Kirk didn't tell them is that he outgrew these shirts a couple of years ago...)

I am proud of the way he has encountered problems, come up with solutions, talked them out, and chosen a pathway. This won’t be a perfect porch and may not last for 50 years, but what he learns from this project will last a lifetime! I am also thankful that he saw a need and filled it. I am excited to see the adult he is becoming!

No, I do NOT recommend bare feet during construction type work - or wearing your PJ's either - but that's Maggie for you...

I had a hard time getting a clear shot of FRitW - every picture of him is blurred because he is running. But here he is in his 'Kirk shirt". Did I mention how proud they were to get to wear his shirts?

---Note: If your teenager has a project he/she wants to complete – look for possibilities. Not everyone can allow their child to build a front porch. Consider finding something similar that will not require perfection or building permits. Allowing your child to try his wings at home will give him so much confidence!

Kirk is always building something. For other projects - big and small click here, here, and here, oh! - and here.

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LaughingLioness said...

Excellent! It looks like your son did a fantastic job! And what a blessing to have a new porch! I can just see it full of plants and people! Great job!