Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Baskets

As of last night, I had given up! I wanted to grow grass in our Easter baskets for the egg hunting this year. I finally got everything together to do so last weekend. (Can you say PROCRASTINATOR?)

We lined the baskets with a trash bag and added potting soil.

The kids covered the soil liberally with grass seed.

We watered and set them in the sun.

Last night I checked them one more time before going to bed and nothing. Absolutely nothing. Not a blade of grass in sight.

“Next year,” I told myself, “Next year, I will remember to plant the grass earlier!”

So this morning, when Kirk checked the baskets, I was surprised at his response. He called me over to look and …

I'll trim off the trash bags before Sunday, and what a lovely nest our eggs will have!



Wonder Mom said...

That-is-such-an-AWESOME idea! We are doing it next year...

Lynn said...

what a great idea. I might do this next year.. :)