Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Garden in April

3 rows of potatoes
Our garden is growing! The potatoes are large enough that we mulched them this week. I purchase most of my potatoes from The Potato Garden and their catalog has helpful tips about growing potatoes. Last year we tried growing potatoes their way and had wonderful results, so I am very excited about our upcoming crop. The Potato Garden recommends piling mulch around the stem of your potato plants, gradually building up the soil as the plant grows. The potatoes will grow in that loose rich mulch and your plants will produce more potatoes. When we were in Atwoods this morning we found a few last seed potatoes on sale for 31 cents per pound, so we bought what was left and planted those today. It is probably too late to be planting potatoes, but I am willing to spend 31 cents to try!


We have a few strawberry blooms and have actually picked 6 strawberries off one plant. Sugar snap pea plants are beginning to climb the fence, but the heat is already here, so I'm not sure we will get many peas. Carrots have sprouted finally and I am hoping for at least one successful carrot! That will be one more than I have ever had…

The lettuces are happy and the onions ecstatic - I can't believe how well they are doing. Soon I will get our main crops in the ground. April is the month to plant in our area. But there is always one last little frost or freeze right before Easter, so Dad wants to wait just a little longer. He hates having to replant!

In preparation for the real planting, Maggie and I refilled the greenhouse today. We planted tomatoes and peppers, a little squash and some sunflowers. Hopefully this planting will be more successful than February's. The greenhouse was left open at night several times (accidentally!) and all of our baby plants froze.

Dad says I need to wait two more weeks… if I can... It's been in the upper 80's to lower 90's during the days and 70's to 80's at night. It is very hard to not plant tomatoes when the weather is this nice!



Wonder Mom said...

Soooooo jealous of all your garden goodies! :0)

Briana said...

Your garden looks wonderful! Wow, potatoes by May! I planted ours a little late so I hope they work out.

Thanks for sharing pics of your garden. I love getting inspiration from others.