Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On The Road Again...

I mentioned in December that we would be traveling more, seeing museums and historic sites as a part of our learning adventure (aka homeschooling). What I did not know at that time, was that God had already set some plans in motion for us to make that more possible. Let me explain…

The kids and I at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, PA

Until FRitW was about one, Dad had a job that required almost constant travel, and until MT was one his position required intermittent travel. For the next three years he worked in a more ‘desk-like’ capacity (or as desk-like as he could tolerate) and was home most of the time. The best thing about his traveling jobs was that we could tag along when we wanted to and only had to pay for extra expenses we incurred. That meant we only had to pay for our own food, gas, and fun – so we tagged along pretty frequently.

Dad and the kids at Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado

We saw the Liberty Bell, Mesa Verde, and tons of historical and scientific places throughout Texas and Louisiana. Then came the desk job. We loved having Dad home each night and settled into some more traditional extracurricular activities: Dance, Football, Tennis, etc. None of us even realized how much we missed the traveling until the little guys were walking, verbal, and out of diapers. But how could we leave Dad at home to fend for himself while we were out gallivanting around the country?

Off and on during his ‘desk-job’ years, Dad was sent out to help during troublesome jobs or job failures. He has the knowledge to correct many problems and his laid-back, calm demeanor helps diffuse difficult, tense situations. He was being sent out more frequently, but still had to maintain his job duties in the office. This was getting increasingly difficult for him and our family. He was actually gone the entire month of December, arriving home two days before Christmas, tired , but with an interesting job proposal.
At Four Corners

Here is where I realized that God had been handling the details. While I had been planning to begin traveling again, Dad’s employer had been planning a new job assignment. The day he arrived home from his December across the state job, his bosses asked him to consider giving up his desk job and being full-time available to handle the problems. No details were given, just a request to think on it. Ummm…Christmas holiday, lots of questions and concerns, absolutely no answers to be had, a husband who had been absent for most of the busiest month of the year… I was stressed! As we discussed and discussed, and after Christmas, got answers, I realized that this solved my biggest concern over traveling. Once again, we could travel when he did. We were ready for this change, and I’d already begun preparing for it, even though I didn’t know it was coming. He was ready for this change as well and has been much happier since – being out in the field is so much more fitting for his personality!

We’ve already been across Texas and down Texas and back again, as you will see if I ever get time to post about our February and March trips. I hope you will join us as we play and learn, and learn to travel again!


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Briana said...

Hey they were standing on my state, New Mexico! I went to Mesa Verde when I was a girl and loved it. We need to take our kids there.

I have never been to the east coast. That's at the top of my tourist wish list!