Friday, June 10, 2011

Too Many Words For Such a Little Boy

I swear - this isn't posed! I just snapped it at the park.
Dad and I have four children. Dad is a fairly quiet man and I am pure talk. So as each child has been born, we’ve been surprised to find that all of them have my talk gene. All of them. It is a noisy household. When he was a baby, I worried that number 4: MT, would get lost in the shuffle. I was afraid he’d maybe never learn to talk or that the older ones would talk for him – but no…
Umm... yes - he is exactly that mischevious...

…definitely no. MT talks for himself, for me, and sometimes for the others, and has sound effects to match. He has a vocabulary and a knack for using it that completely destroys the possibility of a serious moment.
Those would be jean shorts on his head - don't ask...

An example: Kirk and MT were working on building shelves into Kirk’s closet. When done, Kirk (all 5’10” of broad shouldered boy that he is) rubbed MT’s little head and said, “Thanks for helping Little Dude.” To which MT responded, “Welcome, Cupcake!” ~gasp - muffled snort~ um, what did you say? “Do you know where I go that? Incredible Journey” (Remind me to be super careful what he watches! Oh, but go watch the movie to get the exact cadence and expression he used.)
I have no idea what this is about.

While he and I were outside weeding the garden, MT began identifying plants – he found Dads, Moms, and kids in the potatoes and lettuce. As he walked along the onion patch brushing his hands over the onion tops –I heard a disappointed, “No kids here…” (All the onions are about the same size).
Cheering for Mimi at her college graduation!

On a walk with Kirk when he was three – “Kirk, You’re a lot of big.”
Some of Mimi's chicken's first eggs - he loved them!

He doesn’t like to overuse a word either. When showing Dad and I the growth in our herb beds he showed me the ‘huge’ plants, while Dad got to see the ‘humongous’ ones.
The hot pink, fuzzy steering wheel cover that makes its rounds at Christmas and other holidays.

He loves to pretend to be an animal – a dog, cat, bobcat, or koala and has a select number of names that he can be called. His favorite name when he is a dog or cat is ‘Sprinkles’. He will say, “I am a cat named Sprinkles” and climb into your lap to be petted. But sometimes he is not an animal – “Now I am Sprinkles, a man”.
Again, I really don't know.

During our recent vacation, Maggie was pulling grapes from the stem for a snack and MT said, "I am so pleased that you are doing that!"

Later in the vacation: "Mom, I am concerned about going to this area." (We were driving past a dormant volcano.)
Walking the train tracks at the Buffalo Village in Abilene. He loved listening to the information about each building.

After a hard run: "I am catching up to my breath."
This would be his 'police man' hat. Actually, when I took this photo he was "Tony Stewart the police man"

When he couldn't remember the word 'tepee': "Mom, I need to tell you what I don't know." (He then described a tepee and asked for its name.)
He was convinced that I thought Santa had arrived...

As he grows up I know he will lose some of the accidentally funny moments, so right now, I’m going to laugh and enjoy listening to him interpret the world around him as only a 4 year old can. Oh, an one little piece of advice – if MT is ‘being’ a koala, keep all of the bobcats away!!!!



Anonymous said...

He is so fun!

Lisa said...

Great pics! 4 is a wonderfully funny age!

Briana said...

What a cute, funny boy you have! I need to write down some of the things my youngsters say.

My two year old is obsessed with being a super hero and stomping around in cowboy boots.

Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

This was a great post and just what I needed today. Thank you for sharing all the sayings. :)