Friday, May 27, 2011

HSV Garden Challenge - Month 3

I almost missed this link up! This is the 3rd post for The Homeschool Village Garden Challenge. The challenge this month is to post:
  • a current photo of your garden
  • something you (Mom) have learned
  • the first dish you have made with your garden produce
From left to right: Kirk's pepper, Maggie's pepper, FRitW's tomato, MT's tomato.
In the background Sugar Snaps with beans planted below.

If you read my blog anyway, you know that I covered the dishes I have made with our garden in a post last week (click here to read that). We are still eating out of our garden on a daily basis and this week again have an abundance of Sugar Snap Peas. We have eaten chicken and veggie stir fry until we are a bit tired of it, so if you have ANY other ways of preparing sugar snaps (besides raw and stir fry) please share! We also had our root vegetable bake again with potatoes, carrots, onion, and herbs. Delicious!
The potato beds tonight
We just spent an hour or so in the garden this evening digging up the final potato plants. We dug up lots of potatoes so they will be a staple in our meals this week. The weather has been getting hotter and hotter and the plants have begun to die. It was time to dig them up.

The potatoes that were in those beds.

The fading sugar snaps with beans growing below them.
The Sugar Snaps are beginning to die as well and probably will be ready to pull up in another week. We already planted a variety of beans under the pea plants so they can make use of the fence.
Squash, melons, corn, and green beans

Dad and I scoured the Home and Garden stores for tomato and pepper plants last weekend and are going to have to look some more this weekend. That brings us to what I have learned this year: Greenhouses can get too hot. Maggie and I started seeds several times and those that came up fried, but many did not even come up. I've learned that you must vent your greenhouse if it begins to get too warm. We went through lots of seed with very little results. The greenhouse will get another chance, but not until I learn a little more about how to effectively use it.

Corn and beans are planted in some of the row middles.
We finally grew carrots!

Thank you for visiting my garden again - I'll be hopping around seeing some of yours too!



Stef Layton said...

WOW - look at those great potatoes!! Do you make soup ??

Becca said...

YAY carrots! I am trying again to grow some. My first try last year yielded zero carrots. *sigh*

Briana said...

The potatoes look good, nice harvest.

I am trying corn, green beans, and squash together this year for the first time. Should be an interesting experiment.

I'm sorry to hear about your seed starting troubles. I've never been very successful starting seeds inside. I do better just planting them directly in the ground. I would like to figure the process out some day. It can't be that difficult, can it?

I hope you find some tomatoes!

Zonnah said...

That is a lot of potatoes, yum!

Enid said...

wow it just looks so amazing everything...!!

Briana said...

Hey Lorus! I would love to have you join us for my new Tea Time In The Garden linky next week! I just posted an intro to it today. Thanks for your encouragement.

Renee said...

ty for your prayers, Its been tough

April said...

What a wonderful garden! My in-laws have a garden like yours. I'm always jealous of all they get out of it! Of course, I'm not jealous of all the work they put into it. What do you do with all the potatoes? I know they end up with a back porch full of tomatoes that are canned and we snap beans for hours.