Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Doldrums

I’m linking up with The Garden Path and the Homeschool Village Garden Challenge today. I feel like there's not much to share today, because my garden is rebelling against the heat. We have picked a few tomatoes, some green beans, and this monster yellow straight neck squash. I really don’t know how these things manage to hide under the leaves until they are too big to eat!

We are seeing more and more ears form on the corn plants. I just wish I could find my notes on which seeds we planted where. I scratched them out in a spiral notebook as we planted with the intention of adding them to my planting spreadsheet. Unfortunately, I am a homeschooler and it seems an abundance of spiral notebooks plague our home. I’ll find the right notebook eventually, but in the meantime I’ll have to wait for the ears to ripen to identify the different types of corn!
Some tall corn...
...and some not so tall corn.

I am seeing more and more grasshoppers – this guy is huge – almost 3 inches long. We’re also seeing lots of ladybugs and I’m very glad about that. FRitW and MT got their waterguns out and helped me fight off a few squash bugs this week. We shoot them off the plants into a bucket of soapy water and let them drown. It sounds mean I guess but if you could see what they do to my pumpkins and squash, I think you’d agree that they deserve worse!

I hope you are getting sufficient rain, plenty of sunshine, and a good dose of time in the garden! Check in with the other gardeners at The Garden Path and the HSV Garden Challenge and link up a recent garden post of your own!


Briana said...

Hee, hee, I love the squirt gun treatment! I'll have to think of ways I can get my sons to help. I think they'd do anything if a squirt gun were involved!

I hope those grasshoppers go away!

Zonnah said...

What a difference in the corn!