Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Not My Garden

Well, my title says it all - this post is not about my garden. In fact it isn't really about a garden at all.I simply want to share some photos of some plantings that made me smile.

Last weekend, Dad and I celebrated our 18th Wedding Anniversary! We took a long weekend trip (without kids!) to Little Rock, Arkansas. We had a wonderful weekend exploring the city.

We walked across the Junction Bridge and found ourselves in North Little Rock. We were searching for a pie shop (that apparently had moved to another location) when I noticed the street corners. Each corner was lavishly decorated with these gorgeous plantings.

I loved the mixtures of colors and textures! Aren't these beautiful? (are you smiling?) I have always enjoyed a less manicured, more natural look in landscaping - so these planted corners really appealed to me.

I'm linking up with The Garden Path today and you can too. I'd love to read about your garden, or plantings that inspire you - and I bet others would as well!



Lisa said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm sure you had a great time on your trip!

Briana said...

Those are very pretty! They are full of wonderful inspiration. Oh, so many ideas are going through my mind now!