Friday, July 15, 2011

Of Teeth and (little) Men

MT is the youngest and I think I choose to forget that he is growing up, so sometimes milestones sneak up on me. Today was one of those times.  

At lunch, FRitW announced that his loose tooth had fallen out. I knew it was loose so I wasn’t really surprised, but MT was just amazed! He was so excited to see his brother’s lost tooth, and while looking at the tooth, Maggie casually remarked, “MT, you’ll be losing teeth soon too.” Now, that surprised me! How in the world could he be approaching five? Where did those years go?
FRitW has more empty spots than teeth!

He was surprised too. I guess we’d never talked about him losing teeth, so I called him over. “MT, let’s see if you have any loose teeth.” He opened his mouth. He does have one loose tooth – it is right next to the empty space where his first lost tooth was. We don’t know exactly when he lost it, but there is no sign of that tooth anywhere.
Look at that tiny gap!

When Dad got home, MT showed him the empty space and immediately wanted to look at Dad’s teeth. “Your teeth are not gone,”  was his remark (made with a mixture of confusion and disappointment). We explained how new teeth would grow in to replace the ones that fall out.
MT is still a little unsure about this turn of events. And looking at these growing children that so recently were tiny babies – I have to admit to feeling a little unsure myself.

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Briana said...

Oh, no, you just reminded me that my second youngest is five and should be losing his first tooth soon!

Congrats to your boys. I'm sure there is lots of excitement in you home about their new gaps!