Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sometimes It's The Little Things

Sometimes gardening comes down to the little things. Here are a few of the little things I noticed in my garden this week:

The gentle buzz of bumblebees as I walked between the rows of corn

An abundance of ladybugs

Squash blooms hiding under the leaves

Tiny blossoms on the bean plants

Little purple peppers

A tiny butterfly
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Mrs. Taffy said...

Love all the creatures in your garden! We have 2 bee hives back there so when I'm in the garden I have to make sure I stay under their flight path. I find dead or dying bees in the planter boxes all the time, they have a pretty short life cycle and when they know they are at the end they fly out of the hive and land in my boxes. It's sad, but they work hard and I'm thankful for them. Bees basically work themselves to death!

Briana said...

Great photos! I need to take more close ups. I have never noticed ladybugs on corn before. I'll have to look at mine more closely when I'm outside each day. You should have a nice harvest of beans and squash!