Thursday, August 4, 2011

Not Back To School Blog Hop - Curriculum Week

Not Back to School Blog Hop

Heart of the Matter Online is holding a ‘Not Back to School’ Blog Hop. I missed it last year, and am a bit late getting started this year, but here is my beginning post.

This week the Not Back to School Blog Hop focuses on curriculum choices. We actually homeschool year around changing curriculum as we complete it. We do not keep track of grade levels, instead having an ultimate goal and projected graduation date.

Our oldest, Kirk, is 16. He is using My Father’s World –World History and Literature as his core curriculum with a supplement of “The History of Christianity and Western Civilization Study Course” from Vision Forum. In addition to the recommended literature, he will be filling his Kindle (as soon as we get it) with lots of classics and G.A. Henty books. We replace the writing assignments from MFW with Institute for Excellence in Writing’s Student Intensive C and he also uses The Grammar Key. Kirk uses ALEKS for math and is currently halfway through the Geometry course. He is not using an actual Science curriculum, but simply exploring that on his own. He will also be helping teach Science to the little guys. He will be studying Spanish with Rosetta Stone as soon as I work out a few computer glitches, and physical education is covered with Football in the fall, lots of mountain bike riding, and leading the little guys in exercises each morning.

Maggie is 12 (very soon to be 13). She also uses ALEKS and will complete the 7th grade level this week. She loves the Mystery of History series and will begin Volume two in a month or so. She will also listen in with Doug as he goes through the Vision Forum study course. She began Apologia’s Zoology 2: Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day last week. Her writing curriculum is Writesmith Apprentice and she has decided to resurrect our family newsletter to apply some of the skills she’s learned. Spelling is tough for Maggie, so I am looking for an actual curriculum to help her. She has seen real improvement in the last two years with some methods we’ve developed on our own and playing lots of Quiddler, Scrabble, and Boggle. She will be getting a Kindle as well and I’m sure Kirk will have lots of recommendations for her. Our local library is small and its very limited selection only includes abridged editions of literary classics so all of us are excited about the possibilities for our Kindles. Maggie will be using Rosetta Stone to learn Spanish and her physical education of choice is Irish Step Dance – which should begin again very soon.

FRitW just turned 7. He is using Primary Arts of Language from Institute for Excellence in Writing. This covers all of Language Arts. We do not use a written curriculum for history, math, or science – instead using life as his school room.

MT is 4. He does not do school regularly. He listens in throughout the day and I include him anytime he appears interested. He helps build train tracks, k’nex vehicles, and Keva buildings, and plays in the dirt as often as possible.  



Briana said...

If you get the spelling thing worked out please let me know! I was thinking of buying spelling workbooks like the ones I used in school but I don't think that will work well with my writing haters. We have a spelling program on the comp which says a word and then they type it. We haven't been consistent enough to find out if it works though.

Lisa said...

Looks like you will be having a great year!