Monday, September 5, 2011

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You...

Today is just a teaser. I've been missing from my blog lately and thought I’d give you a glimpse of posts to come.

During the summer, most of the extracurricular activites stop, so we focus on school. I suppose that means I have more time and therefore should have plenty of time to blog, but somehow the more relaxed schedule means I don't get much blogging done. Now that our normal 'school time' schedule is back, I will try to be more faithful.

Unfortunately, since I didn't blog about our activities in a timely manner, and since I blog as a record for myself and as a way to share our lives with distant friends and relatives, I will be going back and sharing photos from spring and summer. So if you have to read a 4th of July post in December – well - I apologize in advance.

We've played outside, built inside, watched the sun rise and set over balloons, and added a new family member. It's been a fantastic summer! And I'll be sharing it all with you!

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