Friday, September 23, 2011

Cricut Cake and Birthday Cupcakes

I love crafting with Maggie. It is so much fun to have such a creative daughter. She and I got a few moments in a craft store yesterday and purchased these decorative sugar sheets to try out in our new Cricut Cake.

She chose the mint green and rose pink to complement the bold zebra design. The pearl dust is just to add a bit of pizazz! 

First we cut a simple shape to look like leaves. Since this was our first time using the Cricut Cake and we did not buy extra sugar sheets, we wanted to try basic, large shapes. They cut beautifully. We even got brave and cut the little fleur de lis. 

She put the leaf base on our plain old frosted cupcakes (actually they are a boxed mix called Fun De Middles - they have a filling baked right in!)

Next a new paintbrush to add our pearlescent pizazz!

Look at that sparkle!

Here is the rose pink Sugar Sheet. We rubbed the pearl powder on before removing the excess sugar sheet - I think it was easier and left a lovely sparkle.

Maggie curved the flowers a little before putting them on the leaves so they would stand up a little. It was the perfect touch.

The Zebra sheet, ready to go into the Cricut. It had color smudged around the sides, but I don't think it interfered too much with the designs.

Here is the final cupcake. I cannot believe she is 13! Wow - how time flies!

Now that the easy stuff is out of the way, I've got to get moving on her pie...Sometimes the creativity backfires on me a bit. I'm heading to the kitchen now to come up with a chocolate, coconut, caramel, pecan brownie pie. She has the pie crust dough made, guess it's my turn...


Briana said...

Pictures! I think something went wrong or you forgot to come back and add the photos. Can't wait to see!

Lorus! said...

Aargh! Let me try this again!

Briana said...

How cute! I had no idea you could do something like this.

Tawnya said...

I am going to try the sugar sheets :) I used the cricut cake frosting sheets and they are not my favorite :/
I recently made homemade marshmallow fondant to use. It turned out okay but I had to freeze the fondant on the mat before cutting. The fondant got soft within a few mins and we had to keep refreezing so we could cut the shapes out.. so looking for new ideas that work :)