Friday, December 9, 2011

Gingerbread Train 2011

Several years ago I saw the cutest Gingerbread train in a Family Fun Magazine. In fact it was 5 years ago. I was sitting in the pediatrician’s newborn waiting room, a newborn little boy was dozing in my arms. We made that gingerbread train that year. It was fun and cute, but it seemed very time consuming and difficult. Looking back I realize that we made the train when MT was only 2 weeks old  - I was tired. Maybe that is why I didn’t try again until this year.

And this year – it only took a couple of hours (plus chill time) I couldn’t believe it was so quick and easy! Click here for the directions – you still have time to make this! FRitW and MT (obviously) don’t remember the first train, but they were able to help a lot this time. They had the job of frosting the graham cracker supports into stacks, attaching the skittle and red hot decorations and adding the wheels. Unfortunately, I had no camera during the process, but here is the finished result!


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Wendy said...

Hi Lorus! I love your Texas history info! I also love these great gingerbread trains! Wow! I think I may have to try this for myself. I think you saw on my blog that my younger daughter and I always make a gingerbread house every year on her birthday (Dec. 2), but I think we'll add a gingerbread train too. :)