Thursday, December 15, 2011

Texas History: Sam Houston’s Statue

After completing our Passports to Texas History, we continued exploring some Historical sites along our route. As we drove and chatted about places we’d been, I realized that many of these trips had taken place before FRitW and MT were born. How in the world did time pass that quickly?! It was about time that the little guys got to experience some of these historical site too.

First one on the list? Sam Houston’s Statue. This statue is visible for several miles from Interstate 45, but when you approach him from the visitor’s center – this is what you see:

Walk a little farther though – and surprise!

In real life, Sam Houston was 6 foot, 6 inches – a rather tall man - and the creator of his statue, David Adickes, made sure his statue emphasized his stature! The statue is 67 feet tall and stands on a 10 foot base. It is not an easy task to get a photo that includes the entire stature (especially with only a cell phone for a camera – remember the chickens?)

If you want a better look at his face, you're in luck:


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Briana said...

Wow! That thing is tall. I think it's neat that they have a replica of the face so you can see it.