Thursday, April 28, 2011

HSV Garden Challenge - Month 2

Today is the second link up with the Homeschool Village Garden Challenge. Our garden is growing vigorously and I'm happy to share some of our progress:

This month we are to include:
  • PHOTO: of progress/growth
  • RESOURCES: any new books or studies being used
  • PROBLEMS: any speed bumps encountered
  • INVOLVEMENT: children's participation
Well, photos are NOT a problem! During our Easter egg hunts, many photos were taken of the garden. It was a perfect place to hide eggs!
My dad and uncle hiding eggs near the potato plants.

Maggie finding some of those eggs.

Potato plant bloom!

My husband helping our niece find more eggs in the potato patch.

Eggs hidden in the lettuce plants during our first hiding of the eggs.

FRitW found the egg hidden here in our second hunt. These lettuces will be eaten this week.

From left to right: potatoes, carrots, small lettuces, onions and big lettuces, sugar snap peas.

Sugar Snaps are blooming.

Baby tomatoes on FRitW's Homely Homer Plant.
Resources: We have begun to use Homeschool Creations Garden Preschool Pack with FRitW and MT. It is based around the book,  Jack's Garden by Henry Cole, which is a delightful book. The boys love the illustrations of worms, insects, birds, and plants included on the pages. Kirk and Maggie and I have taken turns playing the games and puzzles from the Preschool Pack with FRitW and MT. We've used sequencing cards to retell the story, played memory games with rhyming words and vegetables and sorted seed packets.

Problems: Our first problem has been the grass reclaiming our garden. There is a lot of weeding involved this year!
The second problem has been knowing when to plant. Usually we plant right after Easter, but with Easter coming so late this year, I am nervous that we have waited too long. Time will tell.

Involvement: The kids have been faithful to tend their own plants, but have also been a great help in the rest of the garden. We garden as a family, so they know that they are expected and required to help and each finds something they enjoy doing. Maggie and I pull alot of the weeds by hand, while Dad and Kirk use a hoe or rake to clean up the beds as well as doing some hand weeding. They keep grass from the edges and ends of the rows, while the little boys gather all of the pulled weeds from the middle of the rows and take them to the compost pile.

Coming up next in our garden: We will be planting tomatoes, peppers, squash, green beans, melons, and peanuts in the next week. Hopefully we will have peas to pick in another week as well and maybe a few new potatoes. Some lettuce and onions will arrive on our supper table this week as well!