Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Can I Call It A Green Thumb If I Can Grow Weeds?

How about a little honesty today? This is my garden right now:

Well, part of my garden anyway. But here is another part just a couple of rows to the east:

Yes, there are corn plants and bean plants and even some peanuts, but all of that other green stuff? Weeds. Yep, millions and millions of big and little weeds.  Two days ago the first picture looked just like the second photo. The garden hasn’t looked like this all year, because I’ve really stayed on top of the weeding, but for the last 3 or so weeks we have been busy almost every morning. Morning is the only time to work out in the garden because by early afternoon the temperatures have soared to the triple digits and we don’t see the 90’s again until around 10 pm.
A different row of corn and beans, after an hour of weeding.

I am paying for my lack of attention. I am spending at least an hour each morning pulling weeds. Today while Maggie and I rescued corn and beans from their weedy assailants, Kirk began applying a layer of mulch to everything. Hopefully the mulch will prevent a weed infestation of this degree even if I am somewhat neglectful of my garden.
Yet another row, after weeding and mulching.

On a happier note: Weeds or no – the garden plants are thriving. I’ve spent so much time focusing on the weeds I didn’t even notice these green beans. I’d noticed the flowers, but until Dad pointed them out to me yesterday evening, I didn’t even see that the plants were actually producing green beans!

FRitW’s Homely Homer has produced a dozen tomatoes already and here you can see a couple more that will be ready in a day or two.

Some of the corn is over 3 feet tall and one row is forming ears.

These are peanut blooms. They are such sweet little flowers aren’t they?

Maggie’s Lilac Pepper has two little peppers growing and we’ve eaten three others and Kirk finally picked two peppers from his plant yesterday.

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