Monday, January 30, 2012

Hope For Your Home

I have a friend that  always has her door open to visitors. “Drop by anytime” is her motto. And she means it.

I can’t bring myself to do that. I call first, give her a heads up that we are on our way, schedule our visit a day or two in advance…

Why? Because it terrifies me to think someone might just ‘drop by’ sometime. My friend has a gift of hospitality, but she also knows that I don’t and she knows that I’m not comfortable with anyone just dropping by. I’m so thankful for family and friends that love me regardless of my shortcomings, but that doesn’t mean I want them to see my house in its full glory.

I’ve had lots of excuses – some of them truly legitimate – my biggest problem with having people over is our unfinished house. I don’t have upper cabinets (or sufficient lower ones), so storage is at a minimum and the kitchen counter becomes a repository for stuff. The floors are not finished, so sweeping has to suffice because mopping is not the best idea for bare wood. But the biggest problem in this house is really ‘ME’. And I have no idea how to fix me.

Can you identify? I’m not asking for a show of hands – I know that the best thing about the internet is your ability to be who you want the world to see. But I know I’m not the only one with dishes on the counter from last night (and possibly the night before…).  

If you are still reading – this may be the hope you need. Dana White, aka Nony the Slob from A Slob Comes Clean has written:

28 Days to Hope for Your Home

{not for the mildly disorganized}

Develop four habits over four weeks.

Discover hope for real change in your home.

This is where I am beginning. I’ve read tons of books about how to clean, organize, vacuum while wearing heels and pearls … but none of them explained how to get started. I can do the big glorious jobs of completely reorganizing my craft room or the office, but after a day of organizing I am still faced with the dishes and laundry. It is the everyday stuff that gets me every time!

    • Twenty-eight days of specific instructions to help you develop four basic (but essential) home management habits.
    • Insights into why these concepts seem foreign to you.
    • Practical tips to keep you from giving up.
    • Bonus sections with realistic strategies for laundry management, meal prep, and decluttering.
    • More than 45 pages of all new, exclusive content!
    I’ve been reading Nony’s blog: A Slob Comes Clean for a few months now. I don’t have all the same issues that she has, but that’s ok. This book will walk you through a day by day routine for 28 days. It is the simple starting place you have been looking for. This book isn’t designed to give you a fully organized, spotless home in 28 days, it will help you develop good habits for doing the everyday stuff – like dishes, and sweeping. You know, that stuff that has to be done again and again and again, day after day.

    Nony is funny and honest about her own continuing journey to ‘deslobification’, and the eBook is easy to read and follow. You can read it straight from your computer or your Nook or Kindle.

    Download this e-book for 7.99 4.00!

    That’s right! Through the end of February . . . 28 Days to Hope for Your Home is on sale for Half Price!

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    Briana said...

    This looks like a neat program. I do o.k. as long as I keep the kids in line with cleaning up after themselves. I still like having notice before someone comes over so I can vacuum.