Friday, April 20, 2012

New Places to Play

FRitW and MT spent a lot of days in March playing in their beloved ‘place for boats’ because they knew that April meant an end to their special dirt pit. We moved to our new home April 2nd and although the promised new dirt pit has not been dug yet, they have found many new things to do!

The paved driveway has opened all sorts of new possibilities. There is lots of bike and scooter riding, sidewalk chalk roadways, welcome mats, and bowling scores

We have a bird nesting on the front porch

A chrysalis near the porch light: (we watched the caterpillar work its way up the doorframe and build the cocoon!)

And a lovely wooded backyard.

We’ve seen hundreds of butterflies, thanks in part to these lovely flowers on the bush next to the front porch.

My favorite part of our new house though? The people to bathroom ratio is no longer 6:1 woohoo!!!!



Lisa said...

Looks like they will have a lot of fun!! There definitely is something about dirt though. We have a dirt box that the children play, dig, and make mud in.

Briana Jeffers said...

Thanks for sharing your new place full of potential adventures!