Friday, April 27, 2012

The Purple Beanbag

Maggie’s new room has a dormer window. This was on her wishlist as we shopped for a new home. Before we even toured our first potential home, she had decided that she wanted a large purple beanbag to be a reading space in her new dormer window.

Amazingly enough, she got the dormer window and it is the perfect size for a big beanbag.  But, big beanbags aren’t that easy to come by  (at least when you live in a mostly rural area with limited shopping). But within a week of moving in to our new home, I opened an email from Zulily and found Jaxx Beanbags for sale at a great price! They happened to have a beautiful rich purple one that was 48 inches in diameter – Wow! This was just what she was looking for! As a bonus, these beanbags are made in the USA – which made me smile.

Monday we received a box that couldn’t possibly be big enough to hold a 4 foot beanbag. Hmm… could I have misunderstood the description? Or did I order the wrong beanbag?

This is what we found in the box:

12 inch cube of stuffing and a great big inner liner!

The cube was wrapped in plastic and had six very long strips of tape wrapped around it. The instructions said to remove the numbered strips in order, which Maggie did - with some help from MT:
Pull, MT, Pull!
Maggie then put the bag of fluff into the liner and cut it open. This broke the vacuum seal and the filler immediately began to expand!

Now it was time to wait. The intructions said to let it expand for 24 hours before using the beanbag. After the 24 hours she was to turn the bag and fluff it occasionally for a week to ensure maximum fluffiness.

Here is her beanbag within 20 minutes of opening the vacuum sealed bag:
The cardboard box next to the bag is the box it shipped in.
And again about an hour later:

Another couple of hours:

And finally - 2 days later, in it's cover and with a couple of brothers to demonstrate its size:

What a great product! The cover is thick and sturdy, with a suede-like feel and the size is perfect! Best of all it supports workers here in the United States - what a deal! I'm already watching Zulily for another sale on Jaxx beanbags - All three of the boys want one now!

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Briana Jeffers said...

That's so cool. Science in a bean bag, lol. I've always wanted to get one for our peeps but I'm afraid they'll break it and we'll have "beans" everywhere!

Anonymous said...

this thing is soooooo awsome!!!!!!!!-maggie