Friday, July 13, 2012

Our Anniversary Plantings

Hibiscus - Peppermint Schnapps (partially bloomed)
What better way to remember our 19th wedding anniversary than to plant a tree or a flower...or fifteen trees and flowers...

Thursday evening we began digging holes in the front part of the yard, hoping to get all fifteen plants planted. However, we learned something new about our new yard. Iron Ore runs deep... like deep enough that we couldn't get through it to reach actual soil. Ugh!
Even with the auger, this hole just about got the best of us!

So, tonight with the help of a rented auger - we planted Crepe Myrtles and Hibiscus (my favorite Hibiscus is a rosy pink one named "Sultry Kiss" - perfect for an anniversary - don't you think?) FRitW and MT helped carry potting soil, Dad and Kirk ran the auger and helped Maggie and I plant.
Crepe Myrtle - Dynamite

I managed to encounter a nest of ants and, thankfully, grabbed the web of a black widow, but not the spider herself - no injuries resulted!

These guys are just so cute - working together to unload bags of potting soil:
"Catch that wagon!"

Putting rocks behind the wheels so it can't roll away again
Hard working helpers!
Whew! That was heavy!