Monday, June 24, 2013

And a Cheep Cheep here...

The lawn care company came today and cleaned out and mulched all the beds around the house we are renting here in Pennsylvania. Shortly after they left, Maggie found this:

We aren't sure if it fell from a nest in the tree above or if it is one of the ground nesters we have around here. Maggie was pretty sure it was dead or close to it and ran in the house to get me. When we got to the bird, it was up and walking across the mulch to hide under a clump of Daylilies. It was very active!

Maggie is an animal lover, so I felt like I was breaking her heart telling her it just can't live and there is nothing we could do for it, but I told her.

Then we ran in the house and searched the internet for anything that might tell us different.

We learned that this is an altricial bird and a nestling - which means it isn't feathered yet or beginning to fly. A few of the sites recommended making a nest to keep the baby warm and allow it's parents to return to feed it.

It is hungry and active, so maybe, just maybe it will have a chance to survive. We can't find a nest to return it to, so hopefully no wild animals find our baby. We just put it back under the bush where we found it.

 Have any of you had success saving a baby bird?


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Wendy said...

I hope the little bird lives! Last spring a mommy bird laid 3 eggs in a container we had left outside on the carport. We watched her feed and care for them, and it was wonderful and so much fun to watch! It was sad the day the little birds flew away, but it was such a wonderful experience for the children and me! The mommy bird didn't come back to lay more eggs under our carport this spring. I think she got a bit too much attention last year! ;)