Saturday, July 27, 2013

Birthday Workday

In my last post, I mentioned that FRitW just had a birthday, and that we visited Penn's Cave to celebrate. Well, that is not all we did to celebrate. Here are a few images from the 'party'.
Our property's original owners raised Ostriches and there are two pens with Ostrich houses. They have been 'slightly' overgrown...

30 minutes into the party and already we have serious progress!

Ok, most of the work was done by the guys, but Maggie and I helped some too.

Just for a size reference, the Ostrich pen is 30 feet by 100 feet. We cleared 40 feet into the pen. 

It was pretty cool, but MT was working hard enough to sweat!

FRitW got to use the machete. This was a GOOD birthday!!

MT is just so cute with the hardhat and huge gloves!

FRitW commented, "I bet I'm the first boy (in our family) to work this hard on my birthday!" and he was excited about that! I had to laugh! Why are we clearing out the Ostrich pen? Tomorrow, I will clear that up!


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Briana Jeffers said...

Cute little guys! Hmm, could you be getting an ostrich or a pony or a milk cow? Can't wait tofind out!