Monday, July 29, 2013

Chickens... Birthday Chickens, That Is!

We went to a nearby farm, JC Poultry, to pick up our chickens! I chose this farm for several reasons:

  • The owner chooses breeds that can handle Pennsylvania's climate
  • She sells chickens that are family friendly and gentle.
  • Her chickens are fully feathered and old enough to go straight in the coop.
  • She has unusual, hardy, and good egg laying, breeds.
Her coops were clean and there wasn't a stinky chicken smell. She introduced us to the adult birds, so we could see what our birds would look like when grown. All of her chickens are friendly and know her well. We were able to hold and pet several of the birds, including a huge Chantecler rooster! I couldn't believe how gentle and friendly he was.

After washing our hands, we got to hold day old baby chicks! They were so very cute!

We listened to soft chirpy chatter all the way home.

Since this was his birthday gift, FRitW got to choose the birds. He chose a Chantecler, two Blue Bredas, and a Splash Breda.

The Chantecler (brownish bird) is named 'SharkBait' (hoo ha ha)
The Splash Breda (white) is 'Thunderstorm'. When grown, he/she will have a dramatic black and white coloration.

The Blue Bredas are 'Stormy' and 'BlueBell'
(BlueBell in honor of Dad's favorite ice cream - which is not available in PA - poor Dad!)
Aren't they an amazing color? 

They are settling in to their coop, snuggling together in the nesting box, and enjoying frequent visits from two boys!


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