Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The (Smoke) Bombs Bursting in Air?

We moved to Pennsylvania 3 weeks ago. We live within 50 miles of several fireworks manufacturers. This area is actually known as "The Fireworks Capital of the World". Imagine the excitement of my little family of pyromaniacs at the thought of being able to buy fireworks ALL YEAR LONG! In Texas fireworks are available for about 10 days around July 4th and another 7 days near New Years Day. So, normally we stock up a little in order to have our fireworks fix all year round...

This is normally what our 4th of July celebration entails:

Some of the fireworks we had for our party last year (for size reference - see the washer in the background...)

My Sister's Cake Pops - Amazing!!

Homemade ice cream - Blueberry, vanilla, strawberry - yum!

We always sort the fireworks so they are easy to grab even in the dark.

My favorite all time 4th of July photo! That's Kirk lighting my brother's wick!

Yep, these are just the one we do at the house...

Kirk and my brother setting up the finale. We used to have to have at least 5 of the guys out there trying to light at once, but now the stands sell wick - Yippee!

We usually have so many fireworks to do that the fun spills over into a couple of days. We light the small daytime ones over the course of the week.

So... I share all of this so you will be sympathetic when I complain :)
We visited a nearby fireworks stand this afternoon - very excited about what we would find in the Fireworks Capital of the World, ready to make use of our filled in grassy swimming pool for our launch pad:

The saleslady at the stand smiled and said, and I quote: "We have some that shoot as high as ten feet in the air!" I think my blank stare of unbelief gave her the impression that I was not familiar with fireworks, so she proceeded to assure me that they did not shoot anything 10 feet, but that only sparks would go that high...

Apparently the most dramatic fireworks available to the common person here is Pennsylvania is a FOUNTAIN...  ~sigh~

Here is our purchase from today...
The boys think this is just the ones for today. They haven't figured out that there won't be any big ones this year...

Yes. We will buy more (especially since most of these are already used up) but disappointed is far too mild a word for what we are feeling...


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