Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Forget The Nets - Maggie's Got the Camera!

While the boys enthusiastically hunt with their butterfly nets, Maggie opts for my new camera. Today I will share some of the photos she has taken in the last 2 weeks. Actually a few of these might be my shots - occasionally I get to use my her our new camera as well.

Maggie was sitting on the ground taking photos when she realized that this garter snake was sitting next to her enjoying the sun. We think this is the same snake she and I keep encountering near our deck.

Chipmunks were everywhere at Jenning Environmental Education Center

Brothers can be nature too!

Some type of fungus growing on the trees

Another Garter Snake - we seem to attract these!

Caterpillar of an American Dagger Moth

A spiderweb among the prairie grasses

Cattails in almost every stage of their growth cycle.

Wild Asters among the ferns and cattails

FRitW says this hole in a tree could be home to a raccoon.


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