Wednesday, October 23, 2013

When Dad and I were surfing the web for information on Kinzua Dam, we discovered that there are a number of trails in the area that would be worth exploring. This area of the Allegheny Mountains has thousands of huge boulders deposited by glaciers during the ice age (this is called a moraine). Our kids naturally assume that we will hike at least one trail anytime we take a roadtrip, so we made note of a couple of particularly interesting ones in preparation for our fieldtrip.

The first one we tried was Rimrock Overlook Trail.  AMAZING!!! I love it when our plans turn out to be just as incredible as we hoped!

There are lots and lots of stairs.

But the view was worth every step down! This is Kinzua Lake (also known as Allegheny Reservoir).

Another tourist snapped a photo of our family.

Heading down even more stairs to the area below the overlook.

These stairs were narrow and MT wasn't too sure. You can barely see, but Mossy was absolutely
not thrilled either - Dad had to carry her  down and back up.
These pictures don't show how very long this stairway was.

The stairway went on and on and on.

This is the view from the bottom. If you look close you can see two people looking down at us
from the overlook.

The forest was beautiful and the rocks amazing.

We spent more time down here in the quiet than we did at the overlook itself.
Both areas were beautiful!

Back at the top of the trail, the kids enjoyed the moraine.

The second trail we explored is called Jake's Rocks Overlook. This is the
first overlook. The Kinzua Dam was visible from the second overlook, but somehow I didn't get a photo.

More huge rocks and boulders in the moraine. It was a beautiful walk!


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