Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tomorrow I am submitting a Wildlife Management Plan to our county tax office. This is something the state of Texas encourages for a couple of reasons. First, it helps preserve land in its natural state when so much land is being cleared for urban development. Second, studies show that a rural citizen use less state funds than the average urban citizen. Therefore, the state of Texas allows rural land used for wildlife to receive a devaluation. This reduces taxes, not on the home, but on parts of the land not used for a home or agriculture.

Eastern Phoebe eggs in the nest on our front porch.

Eastern Phoebe Fledglings. The one in front has attitude!

This one is difficult to see, but right in the middle of this photo is a Cottontail Rabbit.

Green Anole

Red Headed Woodpeckers

We have a beautiful property and as a science-curious family, we have always enjoyed finding and learning about the animals that share our land. We are filing for the exemption this year and have been working hard to prepare the Management Plan required by our county office.  I have talked with our county tax office and our county wildlife biologist to make sure I am providing all of the required information. I was given a form to either fill in or use as a template for my plan. The form seemed to focus mostly on managing property for deer, and our primary focus animals were birds and small animals, so I chose to write my own plan. Now I am nervous.  


Coming in for a landing at the feeder.

Woodhouse Toads

We haven't identified this frog yet. But this photo and the one above gives a clear picture of the different body shapes between frogs and toads.

I am nervous because my plan turned out looking like an end of year school project combined with a scrapbook. I find it beautiful! But I am concerned that my tax office will pass it around and laugh! So to take my mind off my worries, I decided to share some of the photos I included in my plan. They make me smile, I hope you enjoy them as well!  

Luna Moth

Imperial Moth


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